I walk out of my daughter’s room, tidying up the pile of clothes on the floor, switching off all the lights, almost ready to start my morning on a sour note by screaming at the kids just before they leave for school . I take a deep breath ,look at the chirpy wall clock in her room. It’s 6.55 am, about 5 minutes away from my sanity being restored ! I choose to stay quiet . I hear unusual commotion in the living room.  Classic scenario – both my kids are arguing over who will sit in the front seat of the car next to my husband ! It’s a precise 3.5 minutes ride to the bus stop.  “Whose turn is it ?”, I ask. Turns out neither of them have finished their glasses of milk . Whoever finishes first gets to sit in the front. So today they ll have to resolve the matter by flipping hands or odds and even or Rock Paper Scissors !
Recently both of them separated their rooms . Since we have a strict “no maid in the house at night ” policy , I almost flipped when my son announced that he can’t share the room with my daughter anymore ! We were three sisters and we shared our room till I got married and moved to another city ! How will they bond ? What about all the subdued , confidential whispers at night between them ? What about the occasional secret talk about school gossip which both passed on to me in the morning ?!! What about the pillow fights which extended to my room and onto my husband and me when suddenly, a mundane Tuesday night, turned into a rocking one ?!

I ponder on that .

As long as she’ll continue to shower him with the same love that she showed while she ran to get his diaper rash cream while I was changing his diaper when he was a little over a week old and as long as he looks at her with the same adulation and respect as he did when she first sat up late at night to study for her exams ; As long as she continues to make sure he finishes his homework each day and he misses her each day when she goes on a school trip and runs to give her a tight hug the moment she returns ; As long as she keeps a seat for him each day in the school bus and he runs to give her her favorite chocolate out of the assorted bag , I know I don’t need to worry !

As he looks back from the last step on the staircase and calls out to say “Mom , it’s Friday today ! Can I sleep with didi tonight ?” , I smile and say , “I’ll think about it .”
I definitely don’t need to worry !


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