As I sat staring at the fancy menu card of a fine dining restaurant , deciding if I should eat my favorite John Dory in kafir lime or go for a healthier Couscous salad , my quandary was broken by a friend sitting across me, calling out to me . She thanked me graciously for the play date I had arranged for my daughter and her friends (her daughter being one of them). Suddenly, another mom, whose daughter had come over as well, asked me where had I ordered the food that the girls ate for lunch at my house from !

Quizzically , I looked at her and said I had cooked it , wondering in my head if her daughter , who had visibly made it obvious that she was enjoying the meal , had over eaten and fallen sick?! Thankfully , that was not the case .

She told me how her daughter kept raving about the taste of food in my house and how she loved the Smoked Chicken Pasta . I had started enjoying the conversation but what came next caught me off guard . She told me to ask my “cook” to give me the recipe which I could WhatsApp to her for her cook !!

I told her again , “But I cooked the Pasta that she had liked so much”! Suddenly , the look on her face changed. As if she thought I was unworthy of the chair I was sitting on at the restaurant ! “So YOU cook?”, she said . Almost beginning to enjoy the conversation once again , “Every single day !” I said . She muttered under her breath. “Who cooks these days? There are servants to do that . We can do much more than that “.

“I do!” I said. “I cook , not only fancy stuff but sometimes all three meals . I like to do that”! It’s a choice I made when I made a pantry on my floor . For the sake of my kids and my family . I love being in the kitchen . From buying groceries, to deciding the menu , to chopping the veggies and meats , to cooking it and putting it on the table – I love it all ! I simply love the look on my kids face when I cook them their favorite meals day after day !

What I love the most is when they do not hesitate to eat ghiya or tori only because I made it ! Or when they choose to eat something that didn’t turn out so good just because I made it ! It’s my moment of glory 🙂 even more precious than my Masters degree in Economics!

How I manage to cook all the meals between my work and my leisure time is a juggle I love to do .

Just as I don’t shame those of my friends who can’t boil an egg in the kitchen , I don’t expect them to look down upon my culinary skills ! Being a home cook , I absolutely gloat in pride when my friends tell me the Lamb burgers with caramelized onions and gherkins are the best they’ve ever eaten ! It’s my moment of glory ! I unwind my day in the kitchen and I love it . Not only do I love the appreciation and adulation that I get from people I cook for , it’s the satisfaction of creating something out of simple (and sometimes not so simple) ingredients 🙂 It’s almost like producing a piece of art , making a painting , writing a new poem!

And then there are some friends who would go an extra mile and ask me if I could pass on my recipes to their cooks ! Call and hand over the phone to their kitchen staff who I can’t explain my techniques to . I’m sorry , I just can’t ! The reason being that I don’t have a recipe for anything ! I cook as per my fancy and more often than not , it turns out alright .

I pour out all my emotions into the dish – my happiness , my good wishes, my extra dose of love – it all adds up !


4 thoughts on “Those who “cook”.

  1. I can totally relate to every word here!! Cooking for my kids and family give me contentment everyday. These are the joys of motherhood!! Keep inspiring us! Three Cheers to u and more super mommies out there

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