My experience 🙂 for the past eight months with Buddhism 
When I was a kid , I would see my mother pray for almost an hour every morning . Apart from fasting on random Mondays ( so that I get a “good” husband ) . I didn’t do much . I remember fasting all day , cribbing how difficult it was to only eat sweet stuff all day and waiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight ,keeping my cheese sandwiches smothered in mayonnaise ready so that I could pounce on them! I did not know I was doing anything wrong , I had full faith in my faith ! 
When I got married my mother in law prayed everyday for an even longer time . I remember she took me to her little temple and handed me a religious book and asked me to learn the prayer . I could not , I still don’t know it . I resisted . I just could not understand how reading a few lines from a prayer book made me a better human being . For it was in my actions that I had to show my values and take responsibility for my household . 

Am glad I did just that . Accepting and loving my new family was my faith , my religion . 
 Eight months ago , when I started practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, I was a complete mess . On the outside , I should have been happy since I had it all – a lovely family , financial security and independence that most women crave , but on the inside ,what was lacking was inner happiness , the freedom to be happy when everything else around me didn’t feel so right ! The practice has given me that and much more ! 
my faith in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism came with logic . It came with experiencing the Mystic law in everything I did . I chanted and I got the wisdom to handle situations and adversities smoothly . Initially Circumstances did not change but my outlook to them changed . I chanted for everything from my kids doing well in school to victory for my friends , their jobs satisfaction , their children , victory in our family settlements,

Harmony in Family relations and saw positive results . I started with my daimoku for gratitude everyday for all the beautiful things in my life ! All the things I had taken for granted became things I was greatful for . 
I’ve always felt that I don’t have a very strong “friendship karma ” . I always lamented about how my friends who I was fiercely loyal to ended up back stabbing me ! When I started the practice , I thought of improving my friendship karma . I made the Gohonzhon my friend . Not only did it become my friend , it became my philosopher and guide too ! Each time I would chant , I forgave those who I felt had wronged me , understood that I had completed my karma with them and it was time to move on . They don’t trouble me anymore . I learnt that I have to continue being the loyal friend that I am , but because of the practice , now I’ll only attract my tribe ! People who will support and empower me . I’ve made some awesome friends ever since I’ve got into the practice . I got the wisdom to choose my friends . 
My greatest victory has been in rediscovering my passion for writing . I write poetry and a blog . It just liberates me . I feel so much lighter, happier and although I do face daily challenges , My determination is to strive to polish my soul everyday by chanting in sync with universe and to follow the Mentors guidance in every sphere of my life and reach my goal to be happy at all times 🙂


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