As I stare out and admire the bauhinia tree and it’s beautiful shades of green, I wonder if it will stay the same in this heat. As peak summer approaches, so does the most awaited summer vacation. It starts with a much needed break from school which turns into a nightmare routine of watching endless television, messy rooms , umpteen play dates and playing virtual sports since it’s too hot to go out!

I remember the summer afternoons that we would spend as kids. All the cousins gallivanting around the safe haven of one house after another, getting into one gate and then getting out of the other connecting house, ravaging through the larder for snacks and munching on anything edible that came into our sight, surprisingly right after lunch when the moms would take their afternoon siestas! The sun did not bother us. We were not worried about wearing sunscreen if we stepped out at 4 pm . We would sneak out of our house with our swimming bags behind our back, get together and go to the club for a swim followed by oil dripping fried sesame vegetable toasts and Goldspots, sign on our Dad’s account and head back. And then when we got back home more often than not, mom would be in the kitchen cooking the evening meal and we would not be scolded until dinner time more so for having left the house door open behind us in the afternoon than for actually stepping out. 

The days we did not go to the club for swimming, we would all gather together and get wet under the sprinklers in the garden or directly by the thick black garden hose. There was no difference between our bath water and drinking water. I clearly remember drinking water from the garden hose!  

Those were simple days.Evenings were spent playing carom board or strolling in the garden while the elders talked over tea and biscuits! Ah, that childhood seems to have gone by too soon….

As I notice my kids fighting over the remote for the second time in the day, I put down my book, get up from my chair, and turn off the motherboard and ask them to go out and play. It’s only 5.30 pm, they both screamed in unison (laziness is something they are definitely in tandem with each other) “it’s too hot,Mom!” We have a heated conversation (aka argument) for about 3 minutes and eventually (as usual) I win and literally throw them out to play in the driveway – the only place they can play in, since the nearby park is infested with mosquitoes and other people’s guards and drivers. 

I run back into the kitchen to quickly make some lemonade and send it out. I take a deep breath, look outside and wonder if I’m being too harsh as a mother . The beautiful bright pink flowers in the garden glisten in the evening sun and shine on, and I know my little flowers er my kids will be just fine! 


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