I came across an interesting piece of information on the internet about a candy store for adults . It’s made like a very “sleek and futuristic” pharmacy and claims to have “sweet relief for everyday pains”.

“What a brilliant idea”,I thought! Imagine finding therapeutic relief in picking up jars of candy! Fun !! If only life was so simple .. but then …is it not?  

So, what are everyday pains? 

Sometimes they are the mammoth burden of social pressures that we choose to carry on our tiny (or not so tiny!) shoulders. 

They are the self inflicted punishments which we give to ourselves for no fault of ours.

They are the shackles of our inherent nature that we go in tandem with and seldom try to defy. 

They are the little white lies that trouble us as we clearly see through those saying them. 

They are the moments when we lose our self esteem at the hands of others who find solace in putting us down to be able to rise up in their own eyes. 

They are the repetitive nature of events that unfold time and again to remind us of the small minds we are sometimes enclosed in. 

They are the grimaces we carry , they are the shame we inflict upon others and let others inflict upon us, they are the guilt we so easily accept in our lives when we are happy almost as if to be happy is sin and to suffer , a virtue ! 

The list is endless but it’s the sweet reliefs that I feel like focusing on. So what is “sweet relief”?

It lies not in resorting to over indulge ourselves in desserts when we are stressed but to find our strengths when we are put down . It is in empowering those around us even when we are being bowed down by others . 

It is when a mother in law breaks the rule of “treating” the daughter in law in a way different from the way she was treated when she was younger and has chosen to be kind and loving to the new bride rather than seek revenge from her for every disgrace that she was inflicted upon years ago.

It is when a sister chooses to love and respect her brothers wife so that it is different from what she was served when she got married.

It is when friends who are going through troubled relationships do not draw daggers at those who are not!

It is when siblings don’t worry about what inheritance they have to share but continue to make sweet memories that they started creating the day they got together!

It is when a loving husband sits on the kitchen slab offering moral support to the wife who is doing the dishes when there is no helping staff at home.

It is when kids pitch in with the mother by helping her serve dinner and clearing dishes and then rubbing mom’s shoulder when she’s finished her hard day.

It is when friends empower each other by not ganging up against one who they feel threatened by but understanding that we all have one thing in common that is “everyday pains” and the “sweet relief” lies in being nice once and reaping the result multiple times because goodness is like an echo which comes back many times multifold. 

Let’s break the vicious cycle of inflicting hurt onto others because we are hurt. Let’s be kind, Lets love anyway, because that’s what should be our therapy for “everyday pains”!! 
P.S. Also, because candy gives me toothache;) 


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