What happens when the soul leaves the body? It moves on but those attached to the person are left bereaved and aching. Those left behind grieve for 13 days in bereavement. They relive the moments spent with the departed person, lament for moments wasted , cherish for what was special and those who are lucky feel no regrets.

It is in such times that you realize that those people who help you tide away these initial days of loss are not there to share your pain or sorrow (because that is your own) but to make you understand the ways of the universe. 
When someone consoles you and walks out of that door to live their normal life (and why not ?! – not questioning that !) they actually teach you that the loss will remain but the crying will be replaced by smiles at the fond memories that you may have created with the person who has left and the ache will be taken over by the satisfaction that you were there for the person and you did what you could towards that person. 
These days of mourning allow us to look within us and understand that we are all different human beings with varied levels of sensitivity. The degree of sensitivity is different because of how much we’ve actually fed our soul instead of our ego. It lies in how we would want the world to perceive us instead of how we perceive the world . It dwells in being able to give what we would’ve wanted to receive in such a situation. 
These days also allow us to understand that the Universe conspires to show us the reality which we normally ignore or overlook while we are busy in our regular lives. It shows us that only by loving the living will we be doing our karma. Because there are signals everywhere and if we ignore them, we shall be going against the law of nature. Even the universe gives up if we don’t accept it’s signals. Being receptive will show us how to unravel a lot within and outside. We also understand how strong we are physically and emotionally. 
It is in such times that you realize that some connections are those with your soul not just the physical you . They may have gone but the memories remain fresh forever as long as you remember them and not just your loss.
But most importantly, these days of mourning actually prove the much cliched saying that ‘life moves on’ because it does… earlier for some later for others but it does……


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